Bu-fate ! ;)

An outspread veranda, roofed, but not entirely. One half of it is sheltered, the other half is sunny. Tables on either side, with people of all sorts, on a halt during their splendid rides. 😀 Some sip their brews, while the others use their vices. Balmy water molecules flee into the air from their steaming... Continue Reading →

Happy Days Forever ! (*.*)

Hey peeps! 😉 I greet you all to my first post of 2016. It's been 8 days since my last article and today I'm extremely delighted to meet you all again and share some new, hot and happening views on how to start this New Year on a good account and how to be like... Continue Reading →

A Brand New Dawn! :)

Hi, Namaskar, Sat Sri Akal and Adaab ! 😀 Welcome to my last post of 2015. I suppose you all must be doing spectacularly well in your life. The winter chill is blooming all over the North India and the anticipation for the New Year is also at its breakneck among all the citizens. Indeed... Continue Reading →

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