My name is Neha, I’m 24 years young and a blogger and an enthusiast of all things “Travel and Lifestyle” related. Down memory lane, In November 2015, after indulging in various other Travel and Lifestyle Blogs as a way to read up on the contemporary goings on in the Lifestyle world, I decided to join in on one very boring evening, and “thehalcyondreams” was born. 😉

Halcyon means serene, pleasant, blissful. Dream means a series of thoughts, a cherished aspiration.

I choose to write about the things I like, the things I feel passionate about and share my love of photographs and the world. 😀

This blog shares the experiences and the views which I experience in my life. Amazing insights of living those dreams and some conventional approach in being with alignment with yourself and the world. 🙂

Follow the posts and you will definitely fall in love with yourself and this exquisite world all over again. Be happy. Be in love. Be in abundance. 🙂

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