Bu-fate ! ;)

An outspread veranda, roofed, but not entirely. One half of it is sheltered, the other half is sunny. Tables on either side, with people of all sorts, on a halt during their splendid rides. πŸ˜€

Some sip their brews, while the others use their vices. Balmy water molecules flee into the air from their steaming hot mugs, and lethal smoke particles escape into the air from the very rolls that keep them alive and also kill them at the same time. Brownian motion occurs either way. πŸ™‚ The divergent minds that sit amidst the chaotic arranged tables, sparkle stupendously, illuminating the ambiance. Their thoughts bounce around like rubber balls with fathomless energy, while their priorities beseech to be noticed like miniatures in a room full of giants. This lavish ‘chill’ spot geographically lies on a busy street corner, but its customers are made to believe that they’re in a place, above the rest, somewhere that’s best, and ample of zest. πŸ˜›


‘Click, click, tap, click.’ Some type incessantly, in order to deliver before deadlines, and some, in order to truck their relationships out of ‘dead’ lines. Regrets, due to terrible non-conformities, making one question the other’s sincerity. Pace by pace, sequentially they drift away, from unity, to two different entities. πŸ˜• Each sit at the rim of their seats, their emotions are at their peaks; high and low extremities. It just isn’t the time for the subtleties. πŸ™‚


Crumple-free shirts, denim with holes, and shoes that can be spotted from a mile away. The fashion factor is at an all time high. πŸ˜‰ Flawlessly set man buns, worn by the shy ones, raising them higher. They’re all prepared, for a distinct kind of scrutiny. It’s no longer about just you and me. πŸ™‚

Milk poured in, milk poured out. Every order delivered, without a doubt. The baristas work exhaustively, making certain every brew is just as potent. Around 650 mugs given out each day, to 550 individuals. 550 interactions, but only a few memorable ones. πŸ˜• Even though the peeps that stroll in aren’t always in the exquisite state of mind, yet they grin like they have hooks in the corners of their mouths. They have a sigh of ecstasy, when they take a whiff of the pleasant aromas of the brews they are served. There’s magic in the basics, all you have to do is observe. πŸ™‚

images tobys-estate-coffee-shop-williamsburg-brooklyn-nyc-untapped-cities

If not today, then tomorrow, but you’ll consistently see them come back. Every hard worker or a kid hungry for a burger, needs a spot to slow down and contemplate about all the diversified jingles of life. πŸ™‚ The one flaw that everyone makes is; trying to grasp on to every silly thought that comes to their mind, and then dwell on them. Honey, you’re going down a waterslide, rapid, very rapid, and the one thing you wouldn’t want to do is hold on to the edges, and burn yourself in the process. So, look ahead, and enjoy the ride! πŸ˜€


Stay cheerful, spread love and a very Happy New Year 2019! Have a blast and may these 365 days be the best ones yet πŸ™‚

Pic credits : Tumblr

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