‘Cause I’m only human. :’)

Hi peeps! 🙂

Summer is upon us and so is it’s salty vibes. It’s been 4 months since we all greeted 2017 and hopefully everybody is having a wondrous year till now. 🙂

Things change. People leave. Life happens. One such thing I came across this year and which disturbed me a lot was seeing people turning sour towards others for no viable reason. This might seem very usual to most of you as people witness this on a daily basis. But entertaining this to a level where it tortures you mentally is totally not justifiable. :/  Do you guys at the end of the day ponder over the fact that your attitude does affect some people in your life. It does leave a lasting impression on most people’s hearts. And people with good hearts often will not always tell you that they’re hurt but a point will come when they too will stop caring enough. And leaving each other is no option just because things don’t work out. It’s just absconding from the situation and not confronting it. :/

This is the sincere truth about people with good hearts,

See, the truth is – I will always forgive you if you say sorry. And sometimes I might even forgive you when you don’t.

The truth is, if I decide I care about you, I will give you 100%. I won’t just meet you halfway and hope you’re there. I will go anywhere and do anything for you. :O

The truth is I won’t give up on you even if you give me every reason to. Give me a bad person and I’ll tell you they are misinterpreted. And I will find good in them because I try and find good in everyone. :’)

The truth is I will put you first even before myself sometimes. And in those moments where I’m lifting you up, you won’t see that I might be drowning under the surface. :/


The truth is I will always make time for you even when you might not do the same. I will always try and be there for you. I will always strive to never let you down. :’)

The truth is I’m not petrified to care. I’m not petrified to show it. I’m not petrified to be sensitive. I won’t make you work for my time and attention or love. It’ll come very easily. 🙂

The truth is if you are good to me I’ll be even better, but if you’re bad to me I won’t try to hurt you in return. I’ll still love you profoundly because I think you deserve it. 🙂

And some people try to be so intelligent, they think leaving each other would resolve all the issues. But you know what,

We’ve become so good at leaving . We’ve become so good at quick exits and silent goodbyes. :/

We’ve been taught how to replace people not how to keep them.

We’ve been taught how to walk away not how to stay. 😦

And I’m tired of it. I’m tired of people not sticking around. I’m tired of people not waiting a little longer. I’m tired of people taking hearts so lightly. I’m tired of people forgetting that we’re all human after all. :/

We’ve become so addicted to the chase, to hustling, to the next big thing, to the bigger house, to the nicer car, to the next destination, to the next big purchase but we’ve forgotten about our next home. Our next family. Our next forever. Our heart. :/

We’ve forgotten that sometimes we’ll face really hard things in life that we just can’t face on our own, we’ve forgotten that strength does not mean we don’t ask for help or a hand to hold, we’ve forgotten that no matter how independent we want to be, we still need people, we still need love, we still need someone to lean on when things get rough. :/


We’ve forgotten that we need to stick around more often. That we need to be more tolerant. That we need to be more patient. 😦

We’ve forgotten that love takes time.

We’ve forgotten that the basic and simplest first step to finding love is staying. :’)

But we don’t stick around anymore, we move on to the next, hoping that we’ll find something worth staying for. Hoping for something better.

The truth is – sometimes you will never find what you’re looking for if you don’t stop for a little while and dissect it; the hidden parts, the dark sides and the scars that are rooted deep inside. This is how you see someone’s real beauty, this is how you see someone’s real soul. This is how you fall in love, real love, honest love, but first – you have to stay. You have to value it. 🙂

But there comes a time when everyone gets tired of staying and tolerating all the bullshit. And if ever there’s a day a good heart like mine becomes tired and I can’t keep trying anymore – that’s it. :/

And it’ll break my heart to walk away from someone I care for. But everyone has their breaking point. And I might love freely and care too much but I’m no fool. And it might take me a while but the day a good heart gives up on you, should be the day you fear most.

Because on that day, you will have missed out on the rarest person you’ll come across in your life. :/

Learn to treasure people and their genuineness. Never snub a person who cares for you because someday you’ll realize you’ve lost a diamond, while you were busy collecting stones. 🙂

Until next time, stay blessed and spread love. 🙂


Pic Credits : Tumblr

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