On Your Knees! ^_^

Hey folks! 🙂

My guess is that this Saturday evening, as you sit down with your evening mug of chai/coffee, you are a wee bit jaded of all the awful news that seems to be playing out on surround sound in our world. Our Prime Minister’s recent hang on demonetization, Pakistan persists in sending terrorists across to India, prices keep soaring into the stratosphere, the winter is failing, and murder enigmas get murkier and murkier with every re-telling. :O

But in case the universe seems to have ceased making sense, pause for a minute, breathe in, exhale, and take a minute to count your blessings. For that’s what I contemplate to do this evening and for the rest of my life: tot up all the numerous things that I have to be thankful for. 🙂 Feel free to join in; trust me, it will make you feel much better about yourself and the world we live in. 1000% sure. 😉


Okay, first up on my checklist is health. It feels really incredible to notice that my body is thriving enormously. Grateful indeed. 🙂 But if you are on the wrong side of forty, you may have a few niggling concerns on that score. Your cholesterol count may be high, your BP may be elevated slightly, your knees and back giving you a bit of anxiety, and sore on and sore forth. But wait, don’t be sad, instead step back and view the bigger picture. You are still alive and kicking. You haven’t lost the use of your limbs or indeed your brain. The rest of it is just detail, which can be ironed out with a new fitness regime. So render thanks for the fact that you are still around – and still standing (if only just!). Yay! 😀

A close second comes family. 020a6e549e5b19e481277afcbb019d61The immediate support system of our life. It doesn’t matter how big or small this is, whether it is extended or nuclear, dysfunctional or perfect, related by blood or marriage. As long as there are people in it who love you and are, in turn, loved by you, there is a lot to be thankful for. And yes, I mean it. 🙂 You may be in day-to-day contact with them; or you may not have spoken to them in months. But so long as you know that there are people out there who care for you and will drop everything to be by your side whenever you need them (as you would for them), then you are blessed indeed. Throw your worries and SMILE for this fact. 🙂

Next up are your friends. No, not the ones you list on Facebook, whose status updates and pictures you faithfully ‘like’ every time you log on. Not the ones on Twitter who retort to your every quip with a smiley face emoji. Not the ones you meet occasionally on the cocktail circuit, all air kisses and false intimacy. :/ Not the ones who are cultivating you for whatever benefit they can leech off you, all the while telling you how absolutely amazing you are. No, I don’t mean those ‘friends’. :/

You know, the friends you should be grateful for are the ones who see you for what you are, accept you with all your shortcomings, and adore and support you regardless. These are the ones who will answer truthfully when you ask if your ass looks massive in these jeans. 🙂 They are the ones who will receive your call at 3 AM in the morning if you find yourself in a spot of bother. They are the ones who will rebuke you to your face and shield you behind your back (rather than the other way round). If you have even one of those then consider yourself truly blessed. 🙂 P.S : I love my friends to the planets and back. Thank-you guys! You all are angelic. 🙂


That’s the big stuff. But there is also a lot of small stuff that makes us truly blessed, if only we would halt to think about. In my case, the list goes something like this:

Some private time with myself in my room: That is something I am truly, sincerely and madly grateful for. Being a single girl child played some amazing perks on me. This one is on the top. 😀 The ability to retreat into a space and time that is completely my own, where nobody could intrude without my express permission. A place where I could be alone with my thoughts, my books, my music, or simply with myself. It indeed feels like a blessing to be able to recoil into my own space and time whenever I want to. 🙂

Books, books and books: I often ponder over a fact that if I were ever to wash up on a deserted island, I would be quite pleased so long as it had a stash of my favorite books and a soft pillow to laze my head on! 😉 But more seriously, while I could easily endure without a TV or even an internet connection, even the thought of living in a world without books sends a shiver up my spine. Books are my ultimate go-to things after a long day. 🙂


An evening walk: The social whirl is not for me. My idea of a perfect evening is pottering around in the garden or on a beach (if I could live in a seaside city), feeling the tranquil in the atmosphere, listening to the birds humming, diving in the sound of the waves and just appreciating the nature. 🙂 And then preparing an evening snack or making something simple for dinner, eating it with family as we chat about the day, following up with some quality time with a box-set of one of my favorite TV shows, and then reading myself to sleep. And, of course, counting my blessings, as the lights go out. 🙂

These are some of the things I’m immensely grateful for and the list goes on. You could also find some things in your life to be grateful for and switch your gloomy day into a blissful one. When the chaos of the world intimidates to overwhelm, it is time to count your blessings. 🙂

Until next time,

Stay cheerful, stay kind, stay blessed. 🙂


Pic Credits: Tumblr

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