F.L.Y – First Love Yourself! :)

Greetings. Greetings. Greetings. 🙂

I’m so elated to be back here. Connecting with you all through words is one of the best decisions I’ve taken in my life lately. 😀

“God only knows what you want from life girl, don’t go on rejecting proposals like this else you will become a spinster with four cats” my elder brother said jokingly when I rejected the third proposal in a row. 😀

What do I want?

It’s hardly been two months since I graduated after studying for like 20 years, and I am just 21, I want to taste independence.

I want to move in an apartment of my own, decorate it with a personal touch, buy a pristine white leather couch without worrying about it getting dirty once the kids come. 🙂

I want to try out my hand at cooking, want to make overdone ravioli and undercooked pies instead of perfectly round rotis and spicy chicken curry. 🙂

I want to go on Road trips before Honeymoon. ^_^

I want to be able to eat pizza with a couple of my friends while on a chick flick marathon. 😛

I want to travel all around the world. I want to expose myself to new cultures, broaden my mind, move out of my comfort zone, allow myself to meet new people, and experience the wonders of the world. 🙂


I want to learn how to drive a bike before buying a car. 😀

I want to dye my hair blue without putting anyone’s reputation at stake except mine. 🙂

I want to run a marathon, take part in a triathlon and take up a new sport whether outdoors or indoors. 🙂

I want to go scuba diving, snorkeling, canoeing, rafting, rowing, skim boarding, skurfing, yachting and experience marine life up close. 🙂

I want to go skiing, trek the Inca trail (the one most famous in South America), go horseback riding (often times build an emotional bond with it, sometimes one even stronger, more unspeakable, than what I have with my fellow peers), do an extreme sport (like paragliding, climb a mountain, learn a strategy game). 😀

tumblr_nj963mX5PW1sew2rro1_500  tumblr_nfhyquFXxc1s76p1eo1_1280

Yes, I want to earn money but that’s not the ultimate purpose of my life. I want to give a heartfelt surprise to someone, perform a kind deed without expecting anything in return, make a difference in someone’s life, be a mentor to someone. 🙂

I want to fly in a hot air balloon, befriend a stranger (who says there needs to be a reason to start a friendship. A connection can start anytime, anywhere, in any way), see the northern lights, witness a solar eclipse, go stargazing (The light pollution here — or any major city for that matter — makes it difficult to admire these natural masses of burning gas that are trillions of miles away). 🙂

I want to plant a tree and watch it grow. Publish a book. Do public speaking in front of 10,000 people (or more). 🙂

I want to connect with my soul guide. Become psychic so that I could see auras. I want to go on a time travel streak. 🙂

I want to go on a blind date, backpack across at least 10 locations (I’ve found that there are many friendly travelers abound every country, and it’s a matter of opening yourself and taking the first step to know them), pack my bags and set off for a random location with no itinerary, get featured in the media for something I’m proud of. 😀

I want to go deep into the heart of mother nature, live through 4 seasons of the year, read a book on a subject I had never thought of reading, fall asleep on grassy plains (not only is sleeping outdoors a great way to get close to nature, it also helps you to relax and rest your mind, body, and soul). 🙂

ballon-life-like-live-Favim.com-1809770 starlit-sky

I want to go on a meditation retreat (with the urban, work-driven and material-driven culture that most of us live in today, it’s easy to get lost in the thick of things and neglect our well-being. When that happens, it helps to go on a meditation retreat to reconnect with our inner selves).

I want to experience an OBE (Out-of-Body experience, if you think an out-of-body experience is woo-woo and only possible when you die, think again. Astral projection is an out-of-body experience where your astral body separates from your physical body without you physically dying). And yes, I want to do that. 🙂


Well, the list is long and the reasons are even longer. But these were some of the things I would want to do in my independence and some with special ones as well. ^_^

But most importantly, I want to be me, I want to know myself and my boundaries and limitations and for once in my life, I want be able to decide everything for myself. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in commitments, there is something very magical about being rooted in someone else, making a new world from scratch with someone but for that I will have to love and trust someone completely so before I start a whole new life, I want to love myself. 🙂

If you could really connect with this piece of my life, then you know what you’ve gotta do for yourself. 🙂

I’m just a big believer in ‘you must love yourself before you can love anybody else’ and I think for me that breeds the most inspired relationships. 🙂

Until next time, stay blessed and always be in love. 🙂



Pic Cred: Tumblr

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