It goes and it’s golden like sands of time ! :)

Hello folks! 🙂

Congrats on entering July, the season of monsoon. Hope we all will see some great weather in the coming days. 😀

Anyway, the other day, I was just sitting and wondering about some specific things in my life when this thought suddenly struck me.


Let me share one of my deepest thoughts. I do not know how many will relate to what I am going to tell. But I’m sure, at one point of your life, you all might have felt the same. 🙂

Most of our lives, if you carefully observe, are pretty much foreseeable. From the moment we are born, we walk through our each phase of our life, pretty much in a way any average astrologer could predict. :O

We join some random school at the age of five, mull ourselves up with the charge of studying the things that we will probably hate and of no use in the future. Assignments, projects and little workshops. After 10th, either someone decides our future, or we decide we want to become something by the influence of someone. Again more studies, now that you have to deal with the additional trouble of puberty. 😀 Little absurd chats on social media, dropping marks, moody days and spending a lot of passing time either on television or on relationships created without realistic vision. 😕

We pass out and haul ourselves into a job. Some would have consensual sex with their temporary counterparts and drink up and call it enjoying life, till one fine day they realize that all the promises made to themselves and to others are fresh as a virgin. :O

The initial years of job would suck and excite at the same time. We will meet at more lonely points in our lives where one would think what actually he wanted to do, probably only after the point of return. 🙂

We would get married, probably traded over a coffee table or will find someone who can put up with our problems more than others. In the inceptive years, where we will burn out all the passion, life again would seem to be sailing smooth but as we go on, things will start to pop up. :/ We will make that many noisy kids based on for how many you can provide on. Job would start to take the life out of you. There will be times where one would prefer to live in the constant pretence and mask he has to put on, yet there will be moments of breaking silences. Slowly, your family will become a place of jigsaw like inconsistencies that will stick together. :O

A house will be bought mortgaging twenty years of your youthfulness. However, after some efforts to make it our home, we’ll give up. It will stand tall as the landmark of our unhappiness and displeasure. 😕

There will be drinks, social abuse and may be a couple of affairs. Some secret gossips, a few backstabbing and a passion that would be suppressed in the corners of mind. 😦 We’ll attend functions cursing the melodrama in between, and boast about the achievements we had in office after boot-licking our boss or about our child who won the spoon-racing contest. The gala would go on as we will start to think how our children are better than other’s. 😕

Frustration and irritation would be visible when we can no longer adjust with people, and that is when we realize you have actually grown old. Suddenly our children would have completed going through all that we did and will start to make their own decisions. They will seem more wise than what we were at their age. :/

We will start thinking about our health more than our happiness. The risks that will be taken would be almost nil, and our objective of life would subconsciously tagged with what our children want and what we want from our children. :/

After the subtle nuances of betrayal and neglect from the people for whom you lived once, we’ll realize that the wrinkles on our skin can no longer be hidden. We will leave all the things we want to say, unsaid. We will begin to care less. We will shrink our world where it begins with peeing painfully in the morning and ending filling water jugs for the night. :/

And thus my friend, you and I will end on a fine day, nothing special to show in our lives. You and I will end, wondering what we could have done to make the world know that we lived for a reason. For a purpose. You and I will turn into dust, having nothing to offer but the sins of our loins as our legacy. 😦

I am at that point, where I can choose to live all these, which is as I said in the beginning, pretty much predictable. Or I can choose to leave my own legacy, for the betterment of this race and world, however I want. But I have to choose that now. And I’m pretty much on the verge of creating a life which is extraordinary. 🙂 Are you doing the same? Are you working out your life as you want or are you following someone? Are you chasing your dream, your passion, or are you just ending up with a mediocre life? It all depends on you. 🙂

The question is as simple as this. Do you want to lead a life that is as simple as an astrologer’s card? Or you want to stand outside the crowd? 🙂


Think about it. Until next time, Stay happy, stay trendy, stay kind. 🙂



Pic Credits : Tumblr


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