From Universe, With Love! ^.^


A letter to a friend who lost her way. 🙂

The boundaries merged.
The lines blurred.
Clear target, no more.
And just like that you lost your way. 😦

The noise of the crowd that once made sense is now incoherent cacophony.
The picture you were most definitely a part of, is just an intangible stain.
No logic works.
No reason fits.
And just like that you lost your way. 😦
People tell you this so often these days that you have actually become numb to this claim, sometimes, in the silence of the night, when the voices have died out and the only one in your head assumes prominence, you find yourself saying the same thing. However, you are you, you will not admit to it but slowly and steadily you are making your way to the revelation. The revelation that you ‘lost your way’. And what scares you is not what comes later, what scares you is the inevitable, what scares you is how hard reality will hit, when it finally decides to hit you. :/


So today I am not going to help you reach the truth, because in a way you already have, nor am I going to tell you about all the consequences you are going to face, because you already know about them, like they haven’t been hammered enough into your thick head by your gazillion of your friends, that you need a letter stating what has been read and said to you like sermons on a Sunday mass.
Today instead bringing the truth to you, I am going to take the truth away from you.
Instead of asking you to immediately change paths, I am going to ask you to immediately change paths.
“Huh? What? Can I have some of what you‘re smoking?”
Ha. No.
Just read. 😉

A few weeks ago, all the things around made perfect sense, everything was in place, every person in your life was right where they belonged. It wasn’t as if your life was free from tensions and issues, come on, nothing can be so ideal, but for most part you were happy. You remember that and now you remember this- the present, THIS day where those very things that seemed completely normal and convenient, terrify you to bits. :/

You just feel unwanted, not ready, scared. The whole world thinks of you as this emotionally driven yet strong person who would not budge for anything that goes against his line of principles and operations and ironically, in trying to keep up to the image you built with such valor and humility , you brought it down to pieces, and now with the shattered fragments of what once resided in the minds of your acquaintances and such, you sit so lost, not knowing where to put it back and how to put it back, so you decide to walk away from them and build another image, an easier one, with low expectations and even lower maintenance. 😦
But how could you so effortlessly forget that once a gem, forever a gem. :*
The world knows what values you had stood for in the past, the world believes that some deep part of you, the one right inside, the part that was hidden from the forces that led you to whatever disgusted you not a long time ago, the part that is still pure, the part which is still characteristically you, the part that is fighting a losing battle, the part you are pushing deeper and deeper down so that you forget its existence, the part people call “conscience”, the only part of you that matters, still exists. And I am sure it does.
But today I am not going to ask you to get your life together for all those people who have their hopes on you. I am not going to ask you to consider the dreams your father saw for you when he held you in his arms the very first time. I am not even going to ask you to remember all those times your mother looked at you with optimism on a random Sunday afternoon at home. 🙂


No. Instead, I am going to ask you to get your life together for the 3 year younger version of you, the one who stood proud and confident when she received the position of captain in the student council, I am going to ask you to get your life together for the 5 year younger version of you who saw random acts of kindness and wished to be like those people one day, I am going to ask you to get you life together for the 9 year old version of you, who would have cringed at the 19 year old truth of herself.
Because nothing is more awful than soiling the aspirations that once you dreamily claimed to be yours, because ruining something you built for yourself is where the real tragedy lies. 😦

Today I am not going to assure you that you will find the guy who will truly love you. Neither am I going to remind you of all the love you get from your everyone you consider close is more than any love you will get from a guy. Instead, I am going to beg you to look to yourself for the love you crave for, because you are the only person who can give you exactly the amount of want you need to feel. You are the only one who can shower yourself with honest praises; you are the only one who can challenge yourself to be a better person. I am sure when you will fall in love it will be massive and inexpressible, but giving someone the extreme power to decide your happiness is something nobody should ever approve of. I request you to make YOU your strength, your courage, your wisdom and your joy. 🙂
You are the only one who can control how you feel and what you feel, this is what you had come like when you came to the planet, then how could you snatch such a privilege from yourself to hand it to a complete stranger?
No story is more heart breaking than the one in which you betray yourself.
No oblivion is worse than the one of forgetting yourself. :/

Each one of us is born with a specific set of gene combinations, unique to us; which means that you have certain talents and a genius that resides only with you, certain tasks which only you can perform and nobody else, it’s like your very own magic YEARNING to be expressed. Go out, meet new people, make new friends, learn new things and travel new places. You have just a lifetime to spread your magic, just a lifetime to meet over 7 billion people, just a lifetime to learn and master over a million beautiful skills and subjects and only a lifetime to LIVE. Why would you waste it in the dark things when you can be brightening up the city sky? 🙂

Today I ask you to close your eyes whenever the cold monsoon breeze gushes by and breathe in the fresh smell of earth it carries with it, I ask you to feel the hope it brings along, shrouded by the obvious weather.
Today I ask you to walk away from everything that makes you hate yourself a little more each day.
Today I ask you to be a little selfish in your approach.
Today I ask you to think about 10 years ago you and 10 years from now you.
Today I ask you to get out of your room and chase your happiness right into the cold cold cold world, to make it a little warmer.
Today I ask you fall in love with only you.
Today I ask you to caste your spell onto the world. 🙂

And then,
The boundaries will become defined again, because you will be the one defining them.
The lines will clear off, because you will be the one separating them.
The target will be exact, because you will be the one setting it.
And just like that you will have morphed your way.

The noise of the crowd will start making sense again, because it’s your name that they will be chanting.
The picture will make sense again, because it’s your face it will be forming.
All logics will work and all reasons will fit, because they will all be leading to you.
And just like that you will have morphed your way.

And that will be the phenomenon you will remember,
because today I am not going to ask you to change your path.
I am just going to ask you to morph it. 🙂

With love,
Your universe and inner soul that believes. 🙂



Pic Creds : Tumblr

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