Her Whispers Echoed ! :’)

They talk of the pain that crushes you when you feel unworthy. The shattering sound inside you when you hear the door slam leaving you in the dark that is now your life. But, do they talk of the pain when you want to be happy, but couldn’t be? Do they talk of the screaming silence in your mind now? 😕

Do they describe the horrors of feeling special but without the warmth that drew you to this feeling?

Tell me, do they describe the hollowness you feel inside you, sleeping next to the societal pressure every night, pulling your clothes over your head searching desperately for the faintest of excuses to assure your heart you’re valued and you can make it?

Well, yes. They do. In two words, they sum it up. Immature Human. 😦


It was difficult for her to accept these things. She locked herself in her room and sat their thinking to herself,

Her whispers echoed
When its gets dark and deep inside,
And you find yourself failing to reach the greener side,
Slowly you start giving up on trying,
And the only escape you find is crying,
Gently your inner voice speaks, “Is this really called trying?” :O
You lash out saying, “Yes, I have had enough”
Softly it replied, “What about that time when you promised yourself to be tough?” And it gets you thinking for a moment
“I can’t help it if that’s the way things commence!” 😦
“But you had plans to tackle every defence”
“Well now I don’t, so its time i put an end to this nonsense”
She waited for a comeback, but there was no reply,
And just when she was about to end,
Her whispers echoed,
“Is this what you really wanted when you began?
This is how you imagined your dream to end?” 😦

You say you have had enough, have you ever thought what others have been through to say ENOUGH, :/
Your neighbor next door survived cancer do you think she haven’t had enough?
Your maid works so hard just for her kids to barely get two meals, isn’t that tough?
The watchman standing down in sun, just to send to send his kids to school, shouldn’t he too give up?
You only think what happened to you is unfair, 😥
Have you ever thought what others have been through to even call things fair?
Agreed we all are selfish when it comes to oneself,
But that doesn’t mean the world only revolves around yourself,
Open your eyes and look around,
You are not alone on this ground,
Things are going to go bad and out of control,
But you will have to take up this challenge and roll again, :O
Not all your trials will fail; there will be some which will hail,
This journey will definitely end,
And when you look back you will be glad that at least you had the courage to begin,
So what if you win or lose,
In the end all that is going to matter is what path did you choose,
Don’t sit back there and think,
It’s time to take actions to make your way out of that sink”
And that was enough to make her rise,
Listen to that voice it’s not buried inside,
It’s just the place where your whispers hide. 🙂

And then she smiled. She gathered all her hopes. She started trusting the universe again. She spoke to herself, ” Hey. I’m allowed to feel this way. I’m allowed to be confused a little bit sometimes. I’m allowed to hate someone for no reason sometimes. I’m allowed to be gloomy for a few days if that’ll make me feel better later. I’m allowed to be unnecessarily happy.
Why am I guilty of how I feel sometimes? Why am I looking for reasons for the way I feel? Why am I avoiding my feelings?
Let it out. And let it be. Live a little.” 🙂

And that’s how she regained her confidence, ’cause she knew no matter who criticizes her, she’s gonna make it. She’s gonna make it big. 🙂

And yeah,

When in doubt,
Listen to inner soul my dear fellow
Because that’s when our whispers echoes. 🙂



Pic Creds : Tumblr

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