The Lavish List ! :’*

Greetings! Greetings! Greetings! 🙂

Finally June has arrived. Summer is at it’s full swing. Though it’s a bit scorching in quite a few areas, but the charm this season brings with itself is inimitable. And, and, and it’s been very long since my last post and the feedback that you guys have given me for all my posts is sterling. People from all over the world have been reading it, from USA, Brazil, Japan, Canada, UK to Netherlands and much more, and the love that you all have showered on me, is really breathtaking. 🙂 I’m really very grateful and literally I’ve got no words to express how incredible I feel. Thank-you to each and every individual who take some time out from their busy schedule to read my posts. It honestly means a lot to me. I’m highly obliged. 🙂


Well, before starting my actual post, I would like to ask you all something, what according to you is Luxury? What comes in your mind, when you hear the word luxury? Is it money, or jewellery, or private jets, or big apartments (actually palace-sized), or big cars? Many of you would have thought this as luxury. Well, the meaning is a little different for everybody but can be thought in a very quirky way. Read on to find out. 🙂

Over the last six months, I have probably attended more ‘Luxury Conferences’ with my parents than I have had visited my college for project reviews. 😛 And at each of these, no matter who the speakers or the attendees, the message seems to be the same. Luxury equals money. Actually make that big money. As in Big Money. :/

So, we have sundry examples thrown at us to illustrate the point. There is the iconic Hermes handbag with a waiting list as long as Jane Birkin’s legs. There is the private jet which comes with a Jacuzzi and power shower, and a four-poster bed in the master bedroom (and if you don’t like the fixtures you can always have them customized to your taste). And so on and on and on. 😀

I watched goggle-eyed at all the high-value items projected on the big screen. But no matter how hard I trIp0Hsy, I can’t quiet the little voice inside my head that tells me this is just conspicuous consumption. Luxury is an entirely different animal. And while it helps to have money to feed it, there is more to it than just filthy lucre. Or, at least, that’s the way I see it. 🙂

So what, you ask, is my definition of luxury. Well, it is hard to pin down in a sentence or two, so I will do the next best thing. I’ll give you a few examples of what qualifies as luxury in my book (and book indicates my mind book, not one of those kindle editions). 😛

Being time-rich: There is nothing quite as beach-chair-hawaiiluxurious than having all the time in the world to achieve what you want to. That feeling when your entire life lies before you like a blank slate, waiting for you to fill it with a wealth of experiences. ^_^ And if your daily life is too fraught to allow you to do so, then rope off some vacation time, where you are not scheduled to within an inch of your life. Laze away the morning, have a leisurely afternoon, relax in the evening, read late into the night. Rinse and repeat and don’t forget to luxuriate in this sense of being time-rich when life begins to feel like a turnoff. 🙂

Getting enough sleep: This is the one luxury that I simply cannot do without. Not because I am a spoilt so-and-so. But because if I don’t clock up seven hours or more I am an absolute wreck the next day. I can barely keep my eyes open, I can’t think, and I most certainly cannot write. Many of you would agree with me. Sadly, we don’t recognize sleep as a luxury until we run up a significant sleep deficit. 😦 Ask any B.Tech student what he/she would rather have: a night full of party or a week of unbroken, eight-hour sleep, and you will discover just how much of a luxury sleep is. 😀


Room to breathe: Space is not just the final frontier; it is also the biggest luxury of all in our over-crowded cities and our increasingly tiny apartments. Just check with any teenager (ask me instead 😛 ) who fantasizes about having her own room, where she can hang out with her friends, while a sign outside the door growls: “No entry for adults”. Or a young, newly married couple who have to live with their parents because they can’t afford a home of their own. Or even the ageing parents who have to move in with their kids because they can’t look after themselves. Well, I would never mind living with my parents even after marriage, but what if they ask for their own privacy? If they could have one thing in the world, they would ask for a space that was entirely their own (that doesn’t mean palace-sized apartments :/ ).

The freedom to make your own life choices: My kinda thing. Luxury to me is freedom most peculiarly. It’s not just the big stuff like where to live, what to study, how to invest your money, whom tob_9fede5_decision-makingo marry, where to work, that matters. It’s also the small stuff like what to eat for breakfast (or to skip it entirely 😛 ), what colour to paint the walls, where to go on holiday, where to party while we sleepover and so on. The feeling of being empowered to do all (or most) of the above is what luxury is all about. 🙂

The ability to say no: This is so me. Many of us are suffering from this syndrome. It may not seem like a big deal to those who have the freedom of choice, but it is nothing less than a luxury for those who don’t. If you have to toe the line laid down by your boss, if you have to marry the man your parents chose for you, if you have to force your parents again and again for allowing you to follow your heart, if you have to have sex whenever your partner desires it no matter what how you feel, then the ability to say no seems like the biggest gift ever. 🙂

Experiences rather than purchases: Given a choice between buying a piece of jewellery and going on holiday to a hitherto-unknown destination, I would always choose the experience over the purchase. :’) Things don’t add value to your life or, for that matter, bring you closer to your loved ones. But shared experiences do that every time. And that, to my mind, is the biggest luxury of all. 🙂


Whoa! This was just small brief of what luxury is to me. The list is endless and trust me it doesn’t include Big Money or cars or designer clothes. Luxury is that crucial thing in life which helps in savoring all the life experiences which money can never procure. You might have seen people with large chunk of money yet no happiness in life and people with moderate amount of money but with colossal happiness. 🙂


Change the way you feed your mind and it changes your reality. Don’t run after money for luxury. The biggest luxury we all have is our life itself. Money can only buy all materialistic things (which half of the time are not even required), but the feeling of happiness and freedom is what true luxury is. I hope I could voice out luxury through my list. If even 1% I could blow your mind, then start appreciating your life and look for reasons to be happy and then see how luxurious you become. 🙂

And, mind my word, “A person who only has money is the poorest of all. You can’t buy love with money. Only a poor person says that.” 🙂

Until next time, stay happy, stay blessed and stay rich. 🙂



Pic Credits : Tumblr

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