The unreal Truth ! :O

Hey peeps ! 🙂

I know, you all might be wondering where the hell I was for so many days. O.o Well peeps, life was going quite dramatic for me. Some things in my life required immediate attention and then some things were going so unusual that it kinda shocked me. One such thing I discerned in these days was seeing people being influenced by the news. :/

Well, now this might sound a bit blunt and disagreeable for most of you but I still would like to say that “news is shit”. It proudly highlights the crimes and scams happening across the world and silently camouflages the good things which are occurring. All the murders, suicides, rapes, scams, kidnapping, bans, terrorists attacks are being shown as “BREAKING NEWS” and anything which happens good along with the bad just gets subdued. Journalists find a way of saying these things repeatedly until it becomes a fact which everyone accepts blindly. Parents, children and other elderly people watch news in a hope to hear something good about the world and when they watch these negative things being broadcasted in various channels with tons of evidence proving their statements, people sitting in their houses get trapped in it and accept it as their reality. Suddenly I feel the idiot box is turning into a negative hypnotizing box. :@


If you feel you should watch news in order to be in sync with what is happening across the globe, then thumbs up. But my point is, don’t believe everything you see and don’t amplify its energy by discussing about it. You know half of this generation fail to follow their heart just ’cause their parents don’t allow them to do that stuff ’cause they believe the news in which they saw someone doing the same thing and it failed for him, so they think this is gonna fail for everybody. How irrational. Girls chuck their idea of sleepovers with their friends ’cause their parents have this belief that the city at night is not safe and who created this belief? Our very own news channel. They showed us incidences of girls being kidnapped, raped and assaulted at night and so it proved that night is not secure for girls for roaming around or for partying or for any kind of stuff which they want to do. :/

But my sweethearts, let me tell you our city is very much safe for everything a girl wants to do at night. It all depends on your thoughts on every subject. Everything has gotta do with your brain. Your mind creates things which doesn’t even exist. If you have this belief that your city is very much safe for everybody, then no matter what, even if your girl goes out partying at 3 AM, she will be absolutely safe just ’cause you had this belief. It has nothing got to do with the number of rape cases occurred in your locality. And if your city is very safe that it has never been recorded with any such cases but you still have this belief that night time is not safe for girls ’cause you’ve been seeing this stuff in news for so long, then no matter how safe your city seems to be, your girl will become a victim to any of these cases. This is ’cause you had this belief about your own locality. This sounds very prejudiced, right? When you have a belief about something, irrespective of its judgement, the universe tries every bit to justify your belief. So, when you try to save your daughter from being a victim of any such case, what you are actually doing is, you are amplifying your belief by giving it your negative energy. So as long as you are serving your belief, you see incidences of rapes and such cases. The day you stop feeding this belief and start thinking otherwise, then from that moment you will also stop seeing such things happen in your locality. :’)


Sweeties it’s just one simple rule : You create things with your thoughts. News is just a medium to show you what other people’s realities are. If a guy gets robbed at any ATM booth, then that robbery was that person’s reality, it has nothing got to do with the ATM booth. That ATM booth was safe, is safe and will be safe. That robbery happened ’cause that person somewhere in his life has fed this belief and the belief got enough momentum that it matched his reality. You people should never get influenced by what is shown in the tube. This news should not govern your reality. Your thoughts govern your reality. Remember people say, “Think Positive”. They don’t say because it is a phrase, they say because when you think positive, positive things actually happen. This is how the universe works. What you feed is what grows. 🙂

So, change your belief system. I know, this is a bit difficult at first but when you start doing it on a daily basis, you will actually master it. You should feed only positive thoughts to your soul. Your thoughts will definitely match your reality. Don’t be a robot which works on a chip. Be that flexible channel which finds its way through everything on this planet. Watch news as a medium to view other’s reality. Don’t discuss it and give it momentum. Don’t start debates within your family over such topics. Those things are their reality, not yours. Stop giving attention to things which doesn’t concern you. Feed your soul with such positivity that next time when someone wants to do something or wish to follow their dreams, you bless them and think only positive outcomes of it. 🙂


This is how this universe works. What you believe, exists. This is what living is. You do things which excite you ’cause you know that this will definitely lead you to your desired outcome. I’ve been doing this for a while deliberately and trust me, the feeling is ineffable. Start doing this from this very moment. You’re gonna love the new life which you’re going to create with this belief. 🙂

Until next time, be more positive each second that negativity fears your soul. 🙂 😀


Pic Creds : Tumblr


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