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Hello, Namaste, Sat Sri Akal and Adaab! 😀 I’m sure you all would be waiting for me with a shoe in one hand and a pole in the other in order to crush me hard. :O It’s been a month and I haven’t posted anything. And you know what it kills me too inside. I was just trying to find time for writing something, and every-time I thought today I’m gonna write, something had to come in order to deviate me from this pleasure. 😥 Guys, all I have got to say is SORRY !! I promise I’ll compensate this hiatus by writing 2 posts within a week. 😦 Maaf kardena ! :/

I missed you all really hard and today I’ve got something special to talk about. Guess ? Guess ? Guess ? It’s none of the materialistic things that’s going on in your mind. 😛 But before I hop on the exact topic, could you all please tell me what’s more in life ? What’s more than what you’re doing now ? I’m not talking about the wonted things that comes up, like – your future, what are you gonna eat the next split second, your everyday assignments, your future partner, your parents, your next trip, your next tension, your exam, your lottery, your festivals, your arguments ! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! 😀 There’s more. Ever thought about it ? What more could it be ? :O Wait, I’ll tell you.


Whenever two people meet, irrespective of their caste, religion and gender, they always end up talking about the same old things which is occurring in this world, things like I just mentioned above. And you know, there’s nothing bad about this. It’s good to ask what that person is up-to. And it’s good to ask till the time the conversation is going happily BUT a time comes when these things are all on a very rudimentary level ’cause everything that you want is already happening. So, just for a while, in fact for most of the time, let’s just chuck this data and think about this universe. 🙂 Who are you ? How did you come into this existence ? Why are stars called stars ? Why is moon called the moon ? Who made this ? How many solar systems does this universe have ? What does your soul looks like ? Is there life under water ? Is there life above the clouds ? Do aliens exist ? What do they look like ? What would happen if you just encounter an alien ? Do positive spirits exist ? Can we talk to them ? How about a dinner date with the angels tonight ? How many planets are there which have life on them ? How astounding would it be if we realize that there are humans with super natural powers living just beneath this ground ? What if, you could just swim deep into the sea and confront another life, in fact a life of humans ? Wouldn’t it be thrilling ? How amazing would it be if you could just see the vibrations of this universe ? What if, we all could see our wings and use them ? 🙂 How fascinating would it be if you just remember what were you in your previous birth ? What if, the characters that we see in movies like, X-men, The Terminator, The Hulk, The Spider-man, The Superman, and many characters like these really existed on some other planet ? We all know that we have souls around us, the positive and the negative souls, what if, we could see them ? How exquisite would it be if we could just be so fearless that we could feel and talk to devils ? How breathtaking would it be if we could just close our mouths and communicate with our minds ? What if, you realized your best friend is a vampire ? How about dating a vampire ? What does our earth look like from outer space ? Why is our planet called earth ? Ahh, and the list goes on and on and on ! :O 🙂

astral-travel girl-in-fantasy-world-1024x768you-are-here-2

Don’t you think it would be spectacular to talk about things like these ? There’s always more to that assignment not going well. There’s always more than those political debates about which bill to pass and those scams. There’s always more to that person who’s not talking to you. There’s always more than arguing over not getting your most cherished parking lot. There’s always more to that exam you just failed. There’s always more than whining over your current situation. There’s always more than crying for being around the negative people. There’s always more than squabbling over, whether is it to good to walk naked in public or on fashion shows or not. There’s always more than liberating your mind in these areas. There’s always more than this reality which we all so sturdily claim to be. :O

It’s all about our perspective. We all argue about things which are so trivial just as a tip of the pin. Why not talk about things which make us dream ? Why not talk about things which seems impossible but are actually possible ? Why be in reality when reality sucks ? Trust me, this is not life which we live. Life is meant to be fun. And whenever some sort of suffering comes, it’s time to dream. 🙂 It feels so good to explore this universe. There might be a place on our planet where humans reside yet nobody hasn’t visited that place or even heard of it. There could be humans with only one eye. :O What if the significance of a beautiful rainbow on this pretty cloud meant angels walking towards us ? What if rainbow would be a path to heaven ? Sounds scary, yet interesting. 😉


This is what I want. I have always been dreamy. And trust me, the pleasure that I feel when I land on my dreamworld is way beyond the pleasure of winning a lottery or something like that. It’s something which cannot be exhibited in words, it can only be felt. So, instead of being so unimaginative and soulless, let’s explore ourselves and this splendid nature. Let’s talk about things which take us to another level. ‘Cause my darling, dreams and imaginations are unseen reality. We could just create these things our reality by just talking about them. 🙂

Let’s do it. Talk to people about these things and see how thrilling it is to be like this. Whenever I talk or dream about all these things, I feel amazeballs floating in my stomach. 🙂

I’m off to more dreams and conversations like these. Until next time, be imaginative, be soulful, be passionate. 😉


Pic Credits : Tumblr

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