The Aperture of Creation! (“.”)

Hey peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps ! 😀

I’m so sorry for not being here for so long. I was so profoundly engrossed in my own life that I seriously didn’t find time to write anything. There were so many things going on that it left me feeling sluggish and blue. Please excuse me for this break. 😦

Now, after resolving some nerve wrecking issues, I’m here back on course and indeed feeling much radiant than ever ’cause I’ve realized that life is leisure. Though I knew this earlier as well, I got carried away in these mystified paths of life and it took me a while to realize this truth again. So, now let’s omit all the hurdles of life and replace it with felicity ’cause we are here to experience only eternal bliss. 🙂


Ever wondered why we feel that happiness only stays for a while and sadness feels like a lifetime member? It is never like this. Happiness is always available, it’s just that we choose sadness over happiness in many realms of our lives. Now you would ask me, ‘What bullshit. Why would I choose sadness over happiness? Why would I ruin my life? And I say, it’s because you enjoy it. You feel satisfied by being sad. :/ You know, this is ’cause our brain has been structured in a way that it takes those things easily which is common and rejects or is uncomfortable in taking things which are uncommon. Society plays a major factor in this. A child fears to stand by his beliefs even if it requires standing alone, and this is ’cause our society suppresses anybody who stands alone and praises anybody standing in a group even if that group is on the wrong side. By birth, we’ve seen everywhere that majority wins and minority loses. We’ve observed that ‘common’ is the new trend and uncommon is lament. :/

You would’ve experienced in your life as well. At some point in our lives, we face some kind of atrocious situation and a friend/colleague instead of being serious about it, takes the situation very lightly and laughs at it. True? I’m sure this might have happened. And you get so vexed with him that it irritates you. You get so tensed about the problem that at times it takes a toll over your health. You don’t see anything other than that problem. You blame everybody. This problem becomes your point of attraction that it ruins your mental happiness. And you see that your friend is out there having a burger and drink and enjoying it. You run in anxiety and at times think negative and get petrified by the consequences of the problem. You don’t find any solution. And then after few days of pressure, your friend comes to you and says that the problem is solved. And you’re shocked and surprised and happy but basically you’re perplexed that how did the problem solve when you personally didn’t do anything. :O 😕 And the answer is, the problem solved just ’cause your friend was enjoying life. He was so busy focusing on the solution that the problem didn’t bother him. He had so much faith on the universe that he wasn’t scared or furious with the problem. He showed no resistance. He didn’t doubt his faith. He moved towards the happiness and happiness attracted him and then the solution popped up. 🙂


Do you get what I’m trying to untangle here? Life is meant to be fun. It is extreme pleasure. Problems are just a kind of disturbance in our lives. It’s main agenda is to pester us. Or a better way of saying this is, it is a kind of indication that you’re out of track and not enjoying life. So, what you gotta do is instead of crying and fretting, hop on the other side and enjoy life. Have faith that everything’s gonna fall into place. Trust this vast universe. Focus on how you would want this situation to be like. Keep that happy feeling. Trust me, you’d definitely get your solution. You’d have heard in your childhood, ‘When life gives you hundred reasons to cry, show life that you’ve thousand reasons to smile.’ Use this. But most importantly, focus on what you want the situation to be like and keep that happy feeling. This universe will deliver you the solution. 🙂

There’s no pleasure in being sad about it. It worsens the situation and makes you feel inept. We don’t have enough time by stressing about the situations now and enjoying life later. So, make the most of everything you have now. Smile often, so often that troubles get tired of failing to upset you. Don’t walk where the crowd goes, follow your own path. ‘Cause it’s your life and you’re the leader of it. So, why follow people? 🙂


You know what is best for you and what makes you happy. Choose your bliss. Make joy a part of your personality, so every time anyone meets you, they lighten up. Have faith that happiness is always available. And when you feel a little bit sad or tensed, realize that sadness didn’t choose you, you chose it. Deliberately choose happy thoughts and you will automatically budge towards the solution and abundance. 🙂

Say this to yourself every morning :

I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead. Tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it. 🙂

I use this phrase every day and every-time I feel obstinate and just in a matter of seconds, life that once seemed to be hell became a bliss. 🙂


Until next time, Be kind. Be assured. And always emit cheerful vibrations. 🙂

Pic Credits : Tumblr


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