We could be Heroes, Me and You! ;)

Good Evening folks! 🙂

Sluggish days, narcotic eyes, dreary surroundings. Uff, the times are getting so lifeless, and this feeling is pinching me off. I’ve been doing the same old routine things for the past 10 days. This monotony is taking over me now. Have you also been encountering the same ? Do you say these phrases to yourself just like me on a repeat mode ? 😦 If yes, then it’s time to change it. That’s what I was planning lately. Intently sitting on my couch and discovering approaches to feel happy and to get over this tedium. :O

So, I thought to just scroll out and do something which makes my heart fly. I roamed for about 30 minutes, still I couldn’t find anything which would make me super joyous from within. But then, I saw some people brawling over an issue which was as trivial as the tip of a pin. They were quarreling for the car park. :/ And people were gathered around as if it was a recreation event for them. Such morons, I must say. :O That’s when I realized that there’s a paucity of love among humans and we should all be incorporating love and kindness as the most rudimentary thing in our life. I got my task for lifetime. To be in love and to spread it. 🙂

Guys, do you really think fighting over things will make you any smarter ? Or do you think it will help get you all that you desire ? No, it won’t and it never will. It will only help you make a fool of yourself. It will make things worse. The time you took to reach to your goal, your one unpleasant attitude could reverse it in a nanosecond. You could lose all that you have with just an awful utterance from your mouth. It’s most easiest way to degrade yourself. It could ruin your relationship with your spouse, colleagues, friends and everybody you’re in touch with. You’d be like a monster which mommy’s would narrate stories about to their child whenever they’d refuse to have meals. 😀 Uff, everybody craves for fame, but like this ? :O 😛 Gross!


I’m sure nobody wants to experience this in their entire life. But then, why do you always forget the fact that this is not how it’s gonna work ? :/ This is because we never practiced being in love. So, to make it easier, let’s make an actual device for it. Tonight before going to sleep, sit on your bed and close your eyes and make affirmations like, ‘I originated from love and that’s what I’ve in abundance. I will speak, act and think as though I’ve practiced love. I’m gonna create heaven for myself.’ 🙂 You’d feel good about yourself. It would give you a feeling of relief and you’d sleep much better. 😀

Next morning, when you wake up, plan yourself things which you’re gonna do to make others happy. You’ve to make atleast 5 people happy daily. If it’s above 5, you’re on the verge of creation and it’s gonna feel heavenly. Start your day with happiness. Speak only positive. Be kind to yourself and others as though you had kindness and love for breakfast. 😀 Help everyone in need. Do something unexpected, something which you had never done before. This would give you a feeling of elation and you’d be in a much happier state. Whenever someone speaks ill of you or something doesn’t happen as you want it to, then instead of speaking negative or acting cold, STOP and calm your mind. Say it to yourself, you’re love and you’re gonna handle it patiently and not by squealing like a hound. 🙂 Feel good about yourself. Listen, it all starts in your mind. What you give power to, has power over you. So speak of only love and let love rule you. 🙂


Practice being like this for a few weeks until it becomes a part of your personality. So when you look yourself in the mirror from somebody’s eyes, you should find only love within yourself. This attitude will start bringing you surprising things and events you never expected of. Things will go smoothly and so effortlessly that it will amaze you. People will start loving you more and you’ll set a very good example for small kids. It would be very easy for you to acquire anything in this world ’cause you’ve got the magic of love. And most importantly you’ll be surrounded by angels and positive spirits always. Trust me, this is heaven. 🙂

Peeps, make this your living. People crave for money. I say crave for love. Money only buys you material happiness. Love will buy you eternal happiness. ‘Cause when you die, you won’t take money with yourself, you’ll take love with yourself. People will always remember how you made them feel. Start this from today and you’ll fall in love with yourself all over again. 🙂

‘Cause only love is that emotion which can melt the hardest of rocks in this universe. Ingrain this emotion and feel the multifarious charm of it. You are your first role model. You are your hero. Make it as appealing as you can. 🙂

Until next time, stay in love, stay in happiness, stay in abundance. 🙂


Pic Credits : Tumblr


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