Metamorphosis ^.^

Greetings. Greetings. Greetings. 😀

A place out of the chaos, out on the woods, high on dreams, touch of the universe, fresh breath of angelic waters and sky-high up chasing the stars – A perfect time to begin again. She trusted the enchantment of the beginnings. 🙂 The day she entered this magnificent universe, society persuaded her to walk on paths she knew nothing about. Barely did she knew that she was destined to create a winsome heaven for herself. Now, after plodding through thousands of paths in her life, the day came when she finally landed on her dream path. A path that would change her life. A path that would bring her only happiness from across the cosmos. 😉


She is a dreamer. Just a normal 21 – year old girl from a working class family, but she has big dreams in her life. She has the brawn to chase them. And that’s what she finally seized in her life. She started her journey from the capital of India – Delhi and finally perched on The States ( a place which the most poorest and the most richest of all humans dream of ). 🙂 She has her own apartment and it’s just the way she had designed it. It’s her most cherished pad. She is studying her best-loved course in the same university she had planned to learn in. Life is being very generous on her and she doesn’t take any of its love lightly. She thanks each and every individual in her life and also the universe every time she starts her new day. She now also has a sweet little member in her life. Guess? 😉 It’s her new pup. :* She has found some new loyal friends in her life. She considers loyalty and genuineness the most salient aspects of any friendship and that’s what she’s been blessed with. She travels to every part of the world. She has the best of things she’s always wanted to own. She is a true survivor. 🙂


She also has a beautiful soul-sister in her life. Her soul-sister is just as exquisite as the angels you would see in heaven. They both assist each other whenever they observe any hiccups in their course of life. They’re both blessed sisters of this universe. 🙂 Whenever she visits her home in India, she shares her tales of humor and love she witnesses when she’s in The States. She sees everything from the eyes of the universe and that is why she finds everything splendid. There is no one she hasn’t helped. Even if she finds a little boy in the streets dying out of hunger, she gives him her food so that he could experience the scintillating morning of the next day. 🙂


Lately she has met the most admired person in her life – her soulmate. A person she had always fantasized about. He is a rockstar. 😉 Whenever you’ll see them together, you can undoubtedly say that they’re made for each other. The last time I heard about supreme love and compassion in a relationship was only in books. Now, by witnessing them together, I can view it in real. She has her eyes on him. She can see her soul in his eyes, the purity of love he feels and the genuine support he bestows on her. He considers her the most blessed gift heaven has vouchsafed him. Indeed she has found a superstar in her life. 🙂


She lives a life without limits. Whatever she thinks of, she does it. Even a slightest of a thought holds a major part of her brain. She hops on all sorts of adventures. She takes every risk in her life. According to her, life is a pure apathetic without any risk and adventure. She goes for paragliding, skiing, mountaineering, skydiving, night camping in the world’s most aesthetic places where the view is just as spectacular as we see in movies. ^_^ She is a wanderer. An urban nomad. She settles only for the best and indeed the universe blesses her with the best. She talks to her soul-guide. She has met them. She chats with the positive spirits of the heaven. People feel she’s mad ’cause for them she’s talking to the air. But she isn’t. She views the best in the people. She uplifts them. She talks to stars in the sky. 😉

She is grateful for everything she’s been endowed with. She’s got the three most divine souls in her life – her soulmate, her soul-guide and her soul-sister. 🙂 She’s been to every part of the world. She saw her first snowfall in The New York City with her soulmate. She is so optimistic that life graces her with only optimistic experiences. Her parents feel so fortunate to have found a daughter like her. They’re beatific. She is a soul full of effervescence. She flies high on her dreams. She is a crazy bitch. She thought of life as a fairy-tale and indeed she created one. She is a free-spirit. How ecstatic I’m that she is ‘ME’. 🙂


Pic Credits : Tumblr

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