HOO-HOO-A Thousand Satisfactions and Delights ! ^.^

Hey Darlings! 🙂

How are you all doing ? I’m mightily sorry for not being in touch with you all for such a long time. These 10 days were the hard-pressed 10 days of 2016. I was held up with the Birthday of a very important person in my life and then an amazing rendezvous with a phenomenal friend for the first time. It was a helluva time for me but it was worth it. And how could I forget to miss you all? I earnestly missed you all. 😦

But now I’m back with my wit to enrapture you all. ^_^ Today, I’m quite curious to share a place I visited for the first time in my life and I was truly dazzled after watching the beauty the place holds. 🙂 It was the Birthday of a very important person in my life and I thought instead of partying which anyway I normally do, I should be doing something which makes our soul be at peace. Frankly speaking, I literally wanted to do something which I hadn’t done before. I went to the ‘DARGAH’. You all must have thought that I would be speaking about something which is very unique and I ended up saying Dargah which you all must have visited sometime in your life. But you know what guys, a person who had always wanted to go to a Dargah but didn’t find any opportunity or rather I should say couldn’t go due to some reason, when visits it for the first time, it is a big deal for that person. I had always wanted to visit that place from the core of my heart and when I actually did on my soulmate’s Birthday, I felt at peace. It was as if all of the nerves in my body were dancing with all their energies. 😀


The Nizamuddin Dargah is the dargah of one of the world’s most famous Sufi saints, Nizamuddin Auliya. The neighborhood surrounding the dargah is named after the saint, and is divided into two parts along Mathura Road : Nizamuddin West where the Dargah complex and a lively market dominated by Muslim vendors is located, and Nizamuddin East, an upper – Nizamuddin Railway Station. 🙂  As I got out of the rickshaw that brought me to the entrance of Nizamuddin Basti in south-east Delhi, I found myself amidst a human flood. Following the twisting lanes in the bazaar section of Nizamuddin West – I saw open-air restaurants serving simple meat-based meals, tiny shops selling Urdu-language books and CDs (some by famous qawwali singers), and probably a number of beggars appealing to the Muslim tradition of alms for the poor. And then I saw vendors selling flowers and garlands, as I was getting close to the dargah. There were also vendors selling ‘Mannat Threads‘ and I thought since I’m here to offer love and gratitude, it would be appreciable to tie the sacred thread and so I bought one. 🙂


I was elevated to behold the charm of the dargah as I was passing through the alley. And as I entered the holy shrine with feeling of gratefulness in my heart, I was captivated by the charisma of the dargah. At the time of azan, men trooped towards the masjid, while women picked up copies of ( what I assumed to be ) the Quran sharif stacked in the gallery around the pir’s mazar. I closed my eyes in tranquility and felt the fresh air touch my face. I was so in harmony with myself that I could sit their for hours and gaze at the allure of the dargah. I felt as if I had turned into an authentic Muslim girl. 🙂 As women were not allowed to enter the sanctum, I had to be complacent with peering into the colorful room through the gaps in the jali. I sat their offering prayer to the supreme power of the universe and thanked it for the all the blessings it had showered me with. And then I tied the mannat thread in the Jharoka. The dargah is a picturesque building with walls and air of love, peace and positive vibrations. Everytime I would pass around, I could feel the peace and glee in my body. It is a place where you would forget all your complications and be in your true alignment. 🙂


I felt I had made an exemplary choice of going to the dargah on the day of the Birthday. One of dargah’s greatest treats is hearing devout Sufis sing qawwalis, ecstatic devotional Muslim songs with a decidedly toe-tapping quality. This is one of the best places to catch a performance. 🙂 After spending a quality time, it was time to get back but deep inside my heart, I really didn’t wanted to go back. This place has this magnetizing quality which attracts you to sit their for hours without being turned off. 🙂


As I walked back to road from the dargah I was left with a distinct impression of the fusion of many realms into a mosaic of economy, polity, ritual and intense belief. In his lifetime, Hazrat Nizamuddin is said to have assured his lay disciples that moral living, rather than asceticism, was the key to salvation. 🙂 I’m abundantly grateful to have experienced this beauty on the day of my soulmate’s birthday. I couldn’t have asked more. 🙂

And for all those who hasn’t yet visited a dargah, I recommend you to visit this place for atleast once. I’m sure you would never want to come back then. Amidst the dreadful pollution of Delhi, I found this place to be an absolute sterile. Give this place a visit and I’m sure you’d never regret your decision. 🙂

And now I’m looking forward to visit as many dargahs in this country as I’ve my heart in it now. 🙂

Indeed a place of thousand satisfactions and delights ! 🙂


Pic Credits : Google Images

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