Happy Days Forever ! (*.*)

Hey peeps! 😉

I greet you all to my first post of 2016. It’s been 8 days since my last article and today I’m extremely delighted to meet you all again and share some new, hot and happening views on how to start this New Year on a good account and how to be like that forever; just as the name suggests. 😀

Before starting it off, I would appeal you all to stop doing your work for a while and only focus on this post as any divided attention would never make you understand what I truly want to say. :O This was just to seek your attention, I was just trying to be a little creepy. To the ones who really did this, I bow down to you, You’re really sweet! 😛

Enough of jokes now, 2016 is here. It’s a New Year and I guess everybody would have taken some resolutions thinking that this time they would keep up with it. 😀 You know what resolutions are plodding. Resolutions are for those who don’t do things which their heart voices them to do. So, instead of taking those insane resolutions, I would state you all to just be yourself. You won’t ever need a resolution then. 🙂


Here are some fruitful tips which I commend you all to do from today in order to be happy forever. 🙂

A.  Since it’s a New Year. Everything should be new, true? So, why not start it off with the very thing we are obsessed with – Cellphone. I don’t mean to buy a new one. Fabricate your old phone into a new one. Delete contacts from your phone with whom you’d never wanna talk. Delete old messages, old pics, any old memories which makes you even a pin-sized sad. Unfollow them on all social media. You need only positive people by your side. So, refrain yourself from thinking about the negative ones and who secretly put you down. So, when every time you take your phone, you see only positive people and messages which infuses a handsome of good vibes within you and persuades you to think only joyful thoughts and create pleasant memories. 🙂

Delete Contact iPhone

B.  Forgive people who had ever hurt you. Not ’cause they deserve forgiveness, but ’cause you deserve peace. When you don’t forgive somebody for any of their wrong deeds, you’re not sane from within, there’s some livid feeling inside which doesn’t allow you to move on smoothly. So, to be truly happy, forgive them and free yourself from any burden but never ever grant them any third chances. A second chance is not a problem. But gifting them a third chance will create a havoc in your life. Mistakes done repeatedly is not a mistake, it’s a choice. 😦 So, anybody who hurts you the second time, gift them your absence. 🙂


C.  Don’t be a people pleaser. Stop doing things in order to please anybody. You’re here to express your existence not to serve others. -_- When a friend tells you to do something which according to you is not in alignment with yourself, tell them a straight NO. This won’t impair your relation. But if you do things which doesn’t make you happy, it will definitely ruin you someday. 😥 Learn to say a ‘NO’ when required. What helps others, might not help you. So, instead of running blindly after the crowd, analyse things which will reward you in the long run. 🙂


D.  A change for a better is a change which must be engulfed. Create a gratitude journal. Before starting your day and before ending your day, write things in your journal for which you’re grateful for. Feel it from within and see how only buoyant circumstances attract you. 🙂 Trust me, you’d feel very good from inside and you’ll feel as if you’re a magnet for magnificent things in life. 😀


E.  And, ultimately, be more awesome than last year. 😀 Don’t ever be serious in life. Laugh at the confusions, click pictures of your weird experiences, go on a family trip, adopt a pet, make a child smile everyday, seek blessings from elders, jump into a sport, eat delicious meals, say out loud what makes you happy, and in short, follow what you heart says. Dream endlessly and chase them. 🙂

Don't be so serious if you

These were my valuable tips which will patently make your life a truly enchanting one. Since you read this article with a thought to create happy days, now follow this and make it your living. Follow your bliss and create a heavenly life for yourself where there’s only ‘YOU’ and ‘POSITIVE PEOPLE AND EXPERIENCES.’ 🙂

I’ve started doing this and it feels entirely amazing to be able to see, walk, love, eat, breathe, think, dream, laugh, share with only optimistic people around. I left no space for negativity and indeed I feel angelic. 🙂

It’s now your time to begin. The time is NOW. Use the Power of NOW and confront only happy days for………..ever…. ! 😀

Stay merry. Stay sane. Stay positive. 🙂


Pic Credits : Tumblr

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