A Brand New Dawn! :)

Hi, Namaskar, Sat Sri Akal and Adaab ! 😀 Welcome to my last post of 2015. I suppose you all must be doing spectacularly well in your life. The winter chill is blooming all over the North India and the anticipation for the New Year is also at its breakneck among all the citizens. Indeed I’m waiting for it too. 🙂

Some people might have already outlined what they’re gonna go to welcome this New Year, some would be just cribbing the plans’ of their annoying neighbor who last year had the best party of the town (god knows, how these creepy people just managed to be so sophisticated) reckoning that this year they’re gonna rock and some people are still formulating on how to welcome this New Year; just like me. 😀


Uhh! So, this time I thought instead of wasting my precious intelligence on planning and doing the exact identical thing which 6.9 billion people out of 7 billion would be doing like partying in any of the club, lounge or dancing with those annoying nerve-racking djs who of no point I find interesting or burning fire crackers just to please their frustrating soul and the list goes on and on and on. Come on, there are aged people out there in your locality who are unknowingly trying to be happy to welcome this New Year and some psychogenic people still can’t resist themselves from playing the music too loud and burning crackers. If not about the aged people, think about our Mother Earth on which we reside. What will happen if this pollution escalates and who knows the next morning we all would be choking to death. o.O So, let’s be a little sagacious and celebrate in a way which doesn’t harm anybody after all its the time of the year where everyone has to be happy. 🙂


Well, I got carried away on this topic. I’ll discuss this with you all on some other day. As of now my main concern is New Year celebration. I’m doing it the other way. I’m celebrating my existence on this planet. This New Year I’m being ‘ME’ and I plan to be ‘ME’ for the rest of my life. I’ll be spreading happiness with my loved ones but certainly not by partying in any of the lounge. I plan to go for something kinda night camping that’s just being under the alluring sky and bonfires and spending time with the people I love. Playing games, tranquilizing ourselves, experiencing the beauty of universe at night and relishing each other’s existence. 🙂 Releasing sky lanterns high up in the sky believing that hurdles and disturbances will float away and only happiness, affection and compassion will reside with us. The time of the night where we will be breathing love, cherishing happiness, celebrating genuineness, devouring gratefulness, following kindness and greeting the new phase of our lives where only dreams and their fulfillment will lodge indelibly. 🙂


So, this is how I plan to welcome this New Year. Free from raucous music and squawky crackers, but with serene environment and my grateful heart. 🙂


I propose you to try celebrating like this once. Why not this New Year itself? And see what difference you could make in your life and the environment. A New Year should be a fresh start, not with all those cliche parties we do every time and on every petty reason. 😀 This New Year start celebrating yourselves and being who you are. Vow every morning of this new phase to be who you are and to be your best. Vow to celebrate this existence and to woo your dreams.

And finally vow for happiness and kindness for yourself and for everybody you’re in love with. 🙂

I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year. May all your desires be fulfilled and may you all only experience joy and success in your life. 😀

Stay blessed. Stay kind. Stay human. 🙂


Pic Credits : Tumblr

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