Secret Santa ! (^_’)

Hi folks! 😀

It’s been a long time since I wrote my column. Actually, this winter chill didn’t allow me to pen down my thoughts. 😦 Anyway, the season of fiesta is back and I couldn’t stop myself from exploring my plans with you all. Christmas and New Year are just around the corner and I’m super-excited to welcome this new juncture of life with wide-open arms. Eeeeeee! 😉 Sweethearts, it’s amazing to see you all wrapped up in snug glad rags in this frosty winter. You know, a piping hot mug of joe, freshly prepared pakodas, fan heater, a passionate talkie, group of unmatched friends would certainly make a quintessential December winter day. The ‘filmy’ life! 😛 I do that everyday (though alone) and I’m lovin’ it! 😛


Well, it’s December. That means it’s Secret Santa season. And your extended family, workplace, your overactive alumni group on WhatsApp, and pretty much everyone else will possibly be organizing some kind of gift exchange. So, I thought of amending your Christmas gift-exchange list. As you revel in the December nip, sip on mugs of hot cocoa and put up glossy baubles on your Christmas tree, here’s everything you need to know about the fun Secret Santa tradition – including how to ace it. I tried it last Christmas and everyone loved it, including my cute little cousins. 😀

Now, you must be thinking Secret, what ? Hold on. Following those old cliche ways of celebrating Christmas is all gone. As 2015 is coming to an end, let’s put a full stop to all our platitude methods and ring in this season with something new. 🙂

Read on. The Secret Santa system lets you exchange presents within a closed group of friends or strangers – but covertly, so no one knows who their gift-giving Santa might be. Great fun ensues as people try to guess before all is revealed at a later date. Start by putting participants’ names into a bowl, shuffle and get the people to pick. You’re Santa to the one you’ve picked. Don’t worry, someone will be yours too. 😀

Ohh, but what if your friends and family aren’t interested in this fun ? No worries, the web is only too willing to play. Register for Twitter’s Secret Santa to anonymously exchange presents with other Twitter users. You can be a part of @MumbaiSanta, @DelhiSanta, @ChennaiSanta or @BengaluruSanta. Reddit has redditgifts, the giant annual online gift exchange. Nearly 90,000 people from 160 countries have participated in the past. 😉 I got all this update from the internet. I thought all wouldn’t be that lucky to play this with their parents’. So, not to ruin your Christmas 2015, I got this for you! :*


Now  it’s time for game, set, match. Once you’ve been assigned your match, here’s what to keep in mind. If a budget has been decided, honour it. Also, pick dispatch and reveal dates a few days before Christmas so you don’t encounter vacation or courier hiccups. And always make your gifts exceptional. Don’t present them things which they already have. Talk to your recipient’s friends, scan their work or social media profiles and become a pro stalker (the non-creepy kind! 😀 ) so you know what they’ll like. Send pregifts if you want. And obviously, keep it secret until the end. 😉

Christmas place setting
Beautiful place setting for Christmas

Be a co-conspirator. Gazing to change things up? Try Conspiracy Santa. In this twist, an entire group gets together to select a gift for one person, without that person’s knowledge. Multiple such conspiracies and interactions brew in the days leading up to December 25, through emails or apps. The collaborative nature makes it a great option for Christmas celebrations at the workplace. 😀

Go not give..

… generic presents. Secret Santa exchanges are about the receiver as much as the giver. So avoid :
1. Key chains. We know they’re souvenirs from your last holiday.

2. Wine. Find out if the person likes to drink in the first place.

3. Mugs. Ghastly and impersonal.

4. Flash drives. Ugh!

5. Candles. Double ugh!

6. Vouchers. So unimaginative.

large (2)
Group of Christmas gifts in front of tree.

You’d all love it while doing this Secret Santa play. This will help you in realizing each others likes and dislikes. You might just become good friends during this fun play or your bond might just grow strong. Christmas, not just being an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, would also start being the birth of new and secure relationships. 😉

Try this out, on this Christmas. Let’s just fall in love with people and this world all over again. Let’s cherish our being. Let this Christmas, Jesus also wonder how humans could love each other so unconditionally. 🙂

So, you guys now start off with your Secret Santa play and I’m off to purchase some quirky presents for my friends and family. 😀


Hope this Christmas be the best Christmas of you all till date. May all your dreams come true and you all be happy always. 🙂

Until my next post, Be in love. Be in glee. Be in dreams.

And Merry Christmas !! 😉


Pic Credits : Tumblr

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